Hasta la vista!

So I’m off this weekend to San Francisco for the big Web2.0 Expo.

I leave you all with some parting poetry writen by moi:

Walking Papers (Friday’s Psalm)

Weary Spirit
I watch you wander.
Torn muscles,
despairing eyes,
sorrowful heart,
limping trying to find a place
to claim your own safe refuge.
Arms open
I die to embrace you,
shelter you.
Keep you from
the cold darkness,
the abyss
threatening to drown you.
both you and I.

I wonder why I
feel so strongly
your need.
When you,
tell me to stay away.
Fearful of the power,
the abyss has
over you,
scared it might claim
me too.
Your demons
becoming mine, ours.
Yet, you fail to realize
that my demons
are the same
you face everyday
when you look in the mirror.

For our fates
are so intertwined
that they fail to appear as singular
when scrutinized closely.
But instead are as tightly
paired as the double helix
Of a DNA strand,
Curving and spooning
around each other.
The blueprints of two lives,
combined, conjoined,
trying to materialize new life.
The evolution of the soul.

Weary spirit,
I engage you,
wish you Godspeed.

May your sojourn
Bring you home.
So that your dirty feet
and worn soul may be washed
in the basin of my lonely tears
and be replenished at the oasis
of my desert reservoir,
which I will water and tend
everyday so that you may drink.
May your journey
liberate that hurt child
who peers out from within.
May he find a home
and be at peace,
no longer needy.
Let the worries dissipate
and the air be clear
so that your lungs
may fill to capacity
and refuel your tired body.

The path you choose,
I pray,
let it be clear of stones,
if it is not,
let your bloody feet
find their way to my healing palms
so that I may be the salve that balms
your feet with my grace.

Weary one,
let your journey
be expansive.
Receive its lessons,
its enlightenment
but do not over do it.
Let it come to a close
so that the life cord
which I extend
from deep within
my uterus
not snap or break
if overstretched.

Keep the map of my love
close to you.
Read its words
and gifts
with your inner eye.
Let their power
glow inside you.
Let them flow
through you.
Use them to delineate
and guide you.
I will wait outside your door.

He who leaves always returns.
It is the Tao of the universe.
Matter can never be destroyed.
Men are never quelled
only transformed.
May Buddha hold you in his path.
May you journey in a circle.

I pray:
May you come home.
May you come home.
May you come home.
Safe and whole.

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