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Portuguese Nobel laureate Saramago, 85, gives up blog to concentrate on novel

Just plain sad: Study Predicts 500 Bookstores Will Close this Year

Cuban writer Guillermo Rosales Rediscovered with New English Translations

Dan Roam, author of Back of the Napkin, posted a napkin explanation of the American Health Care debate on his blog. View the slideshow of the complete series up on SlideShare.net.

Colombian Library Foundation Wins $1-Million Gates Award

ForeignPolicy.com looks at global summer reading during “midst of an economic annus horribilis.”


Spain Honors Chinese Translator of “Don Quixote”

Opening Reception for Latina Art Exhibit at Taller Boricua, Thursday, September 10th from 6 – 9 PM, 1680 Lexington Avenue @ 106th Street
Please join photographers Clarisel Gonzalez, Mia Hernandez, and others at the upcoming group Latina Art Exhibit of the 100 Hispanic Women Inc. at the Taller Boricua/Puerto Rican Workshop gallery. Admission is free to members and $5 to all non- members. 100 Hispanic Women Inc. will offer a 50% discount on annual memberships for anyone who registers at the event. For more information, call 212-239-1430 or e-mail: onehundredhw@aol.com.

“Direct postal service between Cuba and the U.S. may be restarted after being suspended for nearly five decades.” Postal service to resume between Cuba and U.S.?

$20 Off-Broadway tickets in September for 20at20 Shows include Stomp,” “Fuerza Bruta,” and more.

Heard About Latinos in Social Media?: A Q&A With Co-Founder Louis Pagan

The Young Lords’ Legacy of Puerto Rican Activism

Check out THE LATINO JASON MRAZ: Pedro Capó, aka Capó, has been off-Broadway in the Celia Cruz musical and on film with John Leguizamo. His upcoming album will surprise and enthrall you. via ny.remezcla.com

Is there really a racial divide on the Internet?

Everyone’s talking about Oprah’s next book pick, which will be announced on 9/18. All Oprah is saying is that she has “never made a selection like this.” Stay tuned!

“In the over thirty daytime and nighttime talk shows on cable and broadcast network TV you will be hard pressed to find a Latino, let alone a Latina voice. George Lopez aims to change that when he premieres his show Lopez Tonight on TBS. Meanwhile, four Latinas are already bringing cultural relevance to the talk show landscape on their Internet talk show Let’s Talk! Let’s Talk is a 15 minute “Anytime” Internet talk show with a unique perspective on culturally relevant topics with universal appeal. Tune in anytime on www.latinheat.com.” Read the full press release

Heal your spirit and your body! September is National Yoga Month. There are events planned across the country and more information can be found at www.yogamonth.org. One event that is happening around the country is a free yoga week, offered by participating studios.

Please help get The Wise Latina Digital Club panel into the SXSW 2010 conference. Go vote for it NOW!


No More “Reading Rainbow”? Say It Ain’t So! I loved, loved this show. “NPR reports that “Reading Rainbow” was the third longest-running program in PBS history after “Sesame Street” and “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.”‘

Cristina Kirchner, Michelle Bachelet and Sonia Sotomayor are among Forbes magazine’s “100 Most Powerful Women”.

“The Southern Poverty Law Center Wednesday released a report describing Suffolk County as a hotbed of anti-immigrant violence that has plagued Latinos for a decade, ranging from low-level harassment to vicious attacks, and resulting in an atmosphere where Latinos live in constant fear.” Report: Suffolk Latinos face assaults, live in fear

Celebrate Mexico Now! Festival

Thoughts for writers: From Margin to Center: Writing Characters of Color

The 10 most pirated ebooks – not what you think!

The most beautiful libraries in the world


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