This Happens Just a Little Too Often

and I’m annoyed!

I find a blog.

The blog is intriguing.

I read the blogs’ recent posts,

the author’s profile,

and I decide it has value to offer me.

I bookmark it.

I follow it.

I check it daily or often.


The posts stop.

Some times things happen,

people don’t post,

they go away,

or feel sick,

or what have you…

But I am a loyal reader.

I check back


and then again.

And still


Now some might say

I have abandonment issues

and you know what?

That might be true

but that doesn’t make it cool.
As a blogger

you have a responsibility

to your readers.

No one asked you to blog,

you had a great idea

and you took it upon yourself

to launch it.

Now keep it going.

I’ve learned that in life

it isn’t always the person who is the brightest

or the most popular

or the most charming

or beautiful

who succeeds,

it is the person who perseveres.

The one who doesn’t give up.

The ones who dust themselves off

after each fall,

and keep right on.

If a blog

were a book

would it make sense to read it

knowing that sporadic chapters were missing

or that the author stopped writing after chapter 2, or 5, or 7?

There are blogs I have read for years

and perhaps some of these bloggers

don’t write on a daily basis,

some do, some write a lot less,

but I often check back.

The least one can do IMO is post an explanation or note – the blog has moved, is on hiatus, whatever. Don’t just vanish into webspace.


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