Sometimes I just don’t understand people…

And their sense of entitlement! A young guy on the elevator this morning came in attempting to hold three drinks, one a large coffee, all at once and stood behind me. Shortly after the elevator began its rise toward my umpteenth floor the man lost control of his drinks, spilled his coffee and somehow managed to lose the lid. He said, “sorry” to the young man standing near him who picked up the coffee lid for him and nothing else. He did however seemed quite chagrined.

I looked down at my white, boucle coat and saw nothing but my instinct told me that some MUST have gotten on me. When I reached my office, I quickly took my coat off and saw a splatter of cafe au lait stains plus the little white bag I was carrying my books in was completely drenched!

I was able to scrub the stains off of my coat, which needed dry cleaning anyway but what really irritated me is that that man said absolutely nothing to me.

Had that been me, I would’ve apologized profusely and offered to pay the dry cleaning expenses, because that is what you do, the right and proper thing to do, right?

Make the world a better place, right?

I don’t understand people, is it really an “out for self” world?

If it is…that just leaves a sour taste in my mouth!


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