Sleepless in New York

So what’s a girl to do when sleep fails to come steal her away from her unrelenting thoughts?

Write, right? It’s hot in my room, even though I have almost every window in my apt. open tonight and I just can’t seem to fall asleep. I would write a poem but it seems silly to wear my heart on my sleeve or perhaps on my blog, or so I’ve come to learn, the hard way of course.
Today, when we had the server down at work for a bit, I went outside for a while and sat near the potted hyacinths and would you believe that in the 30 minutes I was out there I got sunburnt?
Well, another layer of sunburn, I went to the park yesterday, did 4.5 miles, and came home a glorious lobster red. Of course, eventually it will turn brown of course, olive brown.
So anyway, it was hard to be back at work today, feverish and with all the drudgery, especially after all the fun I had last week. But that’s Monday for you I guess, but why does Tuesday not seem to look any better?…
I feel a bit lost and torn, it feels like a big change is coming, and I feel like a doe in glaring headlights. Do I run or do I stay? Doing nothing is still doing something, so if I’m going to something anyway I better do something that will at least allow me some control over the situation, right?


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