Saving Money – Another Cherie Amor Post

I really am trying to be good and save money I swear but temptation is everywhere. I opened a magazine perfume insert only to realize that I MUST HAVE this scent, Chloé. It just smells so clean and perfect for summer.

I now have it hung inside my closet, if it stills ignites desire a month from now then I will go to Saks and shell out the $85 bucks for it.

I’ve come to the decision that I’m using 3/4 of my tax return this year to pay off my credit cards completely. I’ve also canceled my Netflix membership. It really was a waste. My boyfriend and I constantly debated over which movie was worth our time and money and often the DVDs sat around for weeks before we finally sat down to watch one. I’m turning those leaves over one at a time, one at time.

I almost forgot – I found this hour long movie clip of Affluenza over at Clicked. The movie just like the book (aforementioned here) looks is a “a fascinating look at one of the greatest social maladies of our time: overconsumption and materialism.”
Malady, huh?


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