Ranting in the Keys of Life

So I’m really tired today because as usual I stood up late fighting the tiredness and sleep trying to overtake me like an incubus. So of course as often happens when I don’t get my full 8-10 hours of beauty rest, I’m extra crabby. So please bear with me while I bitch and moan…

– Why is it that people who take my commuter bus insist on putting on heavily scented lotions or sprays while en route on a 40 minute minimum ride with no open ventilation at 7am? One day when I vomit on someone…

– Why do obese people always choose to sit next to little ole me? And, then invade my personal space?

So this is what happened this morning, the bus I got on wasn’t that full, I mean they were plenty of empty seats scattered about. When I got on I went all the way to back row and sat by the window, the last lady who got on decides she too is going to sit in the back row. Now the back row offers 5 seats, instead of choosing the middle seat she sits next to me but takes up the two seats next to me.

There were two other seats next to her, I don’t understand why she had to sit so close to me. Then to top it off this freaking fat lady takes out some heavy, heady nauseating lotion and proceeds to glob herself up. I was so outraged but I just tried to close my eyes and sleep but seriously WTF?

What is wrong with people?

To top off my disgust at humanity today I’m bored, and my work isn’t thrilling me today but then does it ever?


Peace out!

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