Rainy and Nublado

There is something quite delightful in living only minutes away from the beach, (yes, there are beaches in NYC.) Once in a while, even though I’m completely a night owl, I wake up early and hear the birds chirping all the way up through my 26th story windows and smell the salt of the ocean perfumed air, and my soul smiles.

Today, it was raining and cloudy, and still the air held the scent of the salty Atlantic water in its tight grasp, beckoning the promise of a summer filled with green, green grasses, and sweaty little boys and girls dancing amongst the sprinklers, and BBQs and laughter.

It brings me such joy to see cute little skunks at night, or geese or hearty, tough seagulls on my sprint to catch the bus or walk home. Growing up in Spanish Harlem (read: city girl), the only animal life, I knew were pigeons or strays, so all this still holds charm and novelty for me.

Best of all, it renews my sense of hope, in the world, life, the miracle of life, and the ebb and flow of change.


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