On Spring, Rebirth, and Life

When I was a preschooler, I lived over a pet shop. The owner knew my father and my circumstances. He often gave me any thing my little heart desired from tropical fish and aquariums, to kitties, to an assorted mix of treats.

Inside  the pet shop, was a room devoted solely to raising pigeons. Pigeons were popular then and were kept in rooftop pigeon coops as pets and often were placed in neighborhood racing competitions. Unfortuntely, some people also cooked and ate them when times were difficult. I often had the special priviledge of entering the pigeon roost to collect eggs and I remember being quite fascinated by their cooing and colorful plumage, which I collected and brought home. This was way before I ever knew that shamans and many different cultures value feathers as spiritual omens and significance of ascencion to a higher plane. It was partly through my pet shop experience that my respect and love for animals was cultivated.

Fast foward to 2011, yesterday, I opened my window and found a pigeon hen nesting on my windowsill. She flew away and underneath were two eggs! I feel kind of honored that she chose my window to nest and incubate her little babies. It bodes well for the energy of my home.


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