Mother’s Day Ideas

Well, I already know what I’m getting mami this year – she asked for a rocking chair and a copy of Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent by Eduardo Galeano (the Spanish edition) but here are some other cool ideas:

– Cookbook:
Daisy Cooks: Latin Flavors That Will Rock Your World by Daisy Martinez or
A Taste of Latino Cultures Un Toque de Sabor Latino: A Bilingual, Educational Cookbook Un Libro de Cocina Bilingue y Educativo by George Kunzel,
or Cuisine a Latina: Fresh Tastes and a World of Flavors from Michy’s Miami Kitchen by Michelle Bernstein and Andrew Friedman

– Film:
Viva Pedro – Pedro Almodovar Classics Collection: (Talk To Her/ Bad Education/ All About My Mother/ Women On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown/ Live Flesh/ Flower Of My Secret / Matador / Law Of Desire) (1988) (Dvd) or
Pan’S Labyrinth (New Line Two-Disc Platinum Series) (2006) (Dvd)

– Wall Art:
Heart with Silver Tinted Milagros or
Madre y Patria – A Paining by Alberto Ongay

– Chef:
Traditional Paella Kit with Paella Cookbook – Packed in Gift Box
or (love the name) Saffron by Princesa de Minaya, D.O. La Mancha

– Place to browse:

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