Lost and Found

Ah, the irony! So yesterday I blogged about my lost ring and the ring I bought to replace it. Today, on my way to a meeting at work I reached in my pocket, which feels oddly jumbled up and feel something hard! I’m not in the habit of putting things in my pant’s pockets but as I begin removing the item, the realization of what the hard item is hits me – my ring!

I remember stashing it away for ‘safe’ keeping in my pocket as I went to wash the dishes week’s ago. Thank god, it didn’t fall out of my pockets when I hung my denim trousers up.

Nothing like a safe homecoming, which brings to mind my favorite children’s book: The lost playground by Patricia Coombs and the lost and found again beloved toy named Mostly Frederick Sometimes Sam, who isn’t quite a rabbit or a bear or a kangaroo and doesn’t fit in anywhere…except in the arms of the little girl whose mom made him.

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