Let’s Talk About My Feet

Perhaps, I’ve never mentioned this but not only have I got super cute feet : ) I’ve also got super sensitive feet – almost any new shoe I wear will hurt me, cut me and leave me chaffed, battered and bruised.

Now, I bruise easily to begin with but somehow my feet are even more delicate – ironic, huh? I guess I’m not the barefoot kind, I must come from a long line of dainty, pampered slipper-wearers.

Every Spring without fail – you will find me in the drugstore buying all sorts of shoe stickies, petals and what have you – to stick to my shoes so they don’t cut my tender footsies to no avail.

Even ‘comfort’ shoes have done their damage and nothing looks worse than funky, tore-up, beat up feet. Hence, why I find this blog ever so engrossing (pun totally intended):
http://uglyoutfitsnyc.com/?p=266 & http://uglyoutfitsnyc.com/?p=210 or worse, long toenails: http://www.valeriemevans.com/2007/08/omg.html

I take pride in my feet. I’ve received some strange but flattering compliments on them.

One much older man told me my feet should be featured in modeling ads (seeing as how I’m 5’2” I wasn’t offended that he forgot to add the rest of me) while a weirdo on the subway once said to me I had such pretty feet that he wondered if he could pay ME to massage them. I just giggled at that one – I dunno, he looked normal at first.

Anyway, I broke down and went shoe shopping recently (so much for saving money) – in fact, I sorta shoe binged, which got me thinking about my feet and new shoes and then the idea for this post. I love shoes – but new shoes hurt my feet.

I need to check out this foot lube, Bodyglide Anti-Blister & Chafing Stick, and see if it helps any.

I’m also psyched because I found some great deals on Summery shoes, check out what I bought:

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