Happy B’day, Mami; Happy Kwanzaa and….

This post has been a long time coming and here I am tardy as usual. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I want to give send a very big happy birthday to my mom, who is both my hero and has that special ability to make crazy. LOL! Love you mami!

I have so much to do today but I wanted to make a quick post before I go buy peas for my paella. I hope everyone takes advantage of all the great books sales after the holidays, they are calling today the second Black Friday of the year.

I also wanted to post my news round-up:

The Trouble with Boys

Is Latino culture putting a low emphasis on education? Ernesto Caravantes, author of the controversial book “Clipping Their Own Wings: The Incompatibility Between Latino Culture and American Education,” stopped by the Rocky editorial board, along with former Gov. Richard Lamm, to argue that Hispanic families were putting other cultural considerations ahead of education from blogs.rockymountainnews.com

24-hour live Christmas channel launches

New “Che” Trailer: Benicio del Toro

Book review: ‘Latino Spin’ – Public Image and the Whitewashing of Race By Arlene Davila from www.sfgate.com

I didn’t even realize Amazon.com had it’s own book cataloging feature: Amazon YourMediaLibrary

“A nine year old boy writes a hit book about dating and then sold the Film Rights: How to Talk to Girls

Twentieth Century Fox has optioned the rights to 9-year-old Alec Greven’s How to Talk to Girls, the first of a four-book series from HarperCollins, which is a sister company to Fox. According to Variety, “The film deal encompasses all four volumes. The studio hasn’t set a writer yet or assigned a producer . . . Fox bought the book preemptively, before Greven began logging airtime on TV shows including The Today Show and Ellen.””

“The Argentine

The Argentine, the first part of Steven Soderbergh’s two-part movie on the life of Che Guevara (followed by Guerrilla), opens December 12. Benicio Del Toro stars in this biopic based on Che’s diaries. The tie-in edition for both films is from Ocean Press, distributed by Consortium is available on January 1.”

Review: The Chicano/ Latino Literary Prize. An Anthology of Prize-Winning Fiction, Poetry, and Drama from labloga.blogspot.com

Free Gifts from Bleak House by Claire KirchBen LeRoy, publisher of Bleak House Books, a division of Big Earth Publishing, thinks nobody, no matter how dire their economic circumstances, should be deprived of gifts this holiday season so during the month of December, Bleak House Books, and its sister company, Intrigue Press, will give away more than 100 frontlist and backlist titles to readers, who, hopefully, will pass them on to others.“As I listened to a piece on NPR about shopping being down, and people stressing about not being able to give presents, it struck me: we’re ahead of projections, and this is one way we can help out. I can’t stuff [readers] with cash, but I can help them get books,” LeRoy said. Read on »

Check out: “Daily Routines: How writers, artists, and other interesting people organize their days. They don’t mean that generally. This is descriptions of the daily flow of specific people.”

Critics Say Newbery-Winning Books Are Too Hard for Young Readers (WaPo) Are you kidding me?

This is awesome; Powells will buy back your old books and even pay for shipping. http://powells.com/sellonline

WhichBook – Just finished another book and wondering what to read next? Head to WhichBook.net – a book suggestion tool that can recommend you what books to read next based on type of books you like. Read more: WhichBook – Online Book Suggestion Tool.

ThePlagiarismChecker – Check papers for plagiarism online. The site has something to offer both to students and educators. Students can use it to check their papers for missing citations before submitting them. Educators on the other hand may use it to check submitted projects and papers. Read more: ThePlagiarismChecker – Check Papers For Plagiarism.

Book-bot – Find and read non-copyrighted books online for free. It has over 14.000 copyright-free items including titles by Aristotle, Émile Zola, Victor Hugo, Mark Twain and many other well-known authors. Read more: Book-bot – Read Non-Copyrighted Books Online.

Dozens of NYC Schools Are Without Libraries

Book News from the UK: bookbrunch.co.uk

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