Giveaway: Help Feed the Hungry in the US

I was contacted recently by ShopRite Partners In Caring about their Bloggers In Caring: Blog It Forward To Fight Hunger program. From their site:

Facts About Hunger in America

• More than 36 million Americans (11 percent of U.S. households) suffer from food insecurity. Food insecurity is when you are unsure when or what your next meal will be.

• Statewide food insecurity rates in the ShopRite area are:
New Jersey – 7.7%
Delaware – 7.8%
Maryland – 9.5%
Connecticut – 8.6%
Pennsylvania – 10%
New York – 9.8%

• More than 12 million children are growing up hungry

• Nearly 2 million seniors suffer from food insecurity

• During 2007, nearly 18 million children received free or reduced lunch

• A $1 donation can purchase 10 pounds of food from a food bank

After reading the above statistics on their website, my mind reels to think about what the current data must be now with the economy and degree of unemployment.

I encourage you to join the fight to end hunger, charity after all, begins at home.

Ways you can help:

Support ShopRite Partners In Caring by shopping at your local ShopRite, and look for the special ShopRite Partners In Caring shelf tag. The manufacturers of these products will make a donation to ShopRite Partners In Caring, contributing to the program and its success.

Contribute to the annual Check Out Hunger program at participating ShopRite stores by asking your cashier for a $1, $3 or $5 donation tag at check-out; your contribution will be added to your grocery bill.

Support local charities by contributing to their fundraisers, or help organize a fundraiser in your neighborhood or at work (where permitted). In addition to the money you can raise, talking to people you know about hunger helps raise awareness of the issue and involve them in the effort to address it.

Volunteer at a food bank or food pantry, soup kitchen or other charity in your community, helping them to help others in your community. Invite your friends and family, co-workers, members of your religious congregation, or clubs to which you belong, to join you.

Talk to your children about the effects of hunger on other children in your community and encourage them to get involved. Volunteering together is a great way to teach them about the importance of helping others and make them more likely to remain involved in service as adults.

For more on the program and more ways to help, visit

How We Can Help Together:

General Mills & ShopRite will donate one box of cereal to a local food bank for the first 30 people who comment on my post. They will donate up to 3,000 boxes from all the participating blogs.

UPDATE: WE DID IT! GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED! Winner will be emailed.

To help spur 30 comments, goodwill, and celebrate the last days of summer, I am giving away:

One brand new, black, one-piece bathing suit (size small), a beach towel, some sunscreen, and of course, a book of your choice (under $15), to one random person who comments on this post in the next week (* but only if we get at least 30 comments).

Your comments are appreciated!

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