Do You Read Foreign Newspapers?

One of my favorite things to do when I am abroad (and can read the native language) is to get the local newspaper. I also like to read them when I am home as well. They often provide a good perspective on events, ideology, and narratives we often don’t have access to or even think about on this side of the border.

A couple of years back when we had an elderly relative staying with us from Jamaica, I was extremely pleased to be able to find the Jamaica Gleaner online and promptly set him up in front of the PC for a couple of hours.
Some of my own favorites are the Economist (although it’s not technically a newspaper), once in a while I pick up my mom’s copy of the El Vocero de Puerto Rico and I also like Cuba’s Granma Internacional.
If I’ve peeked your interest you should definitely check out where they have over 12,000 online newspapers from all over the world to browse and discover.
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