Cuban Blog Impresario Perez Hilton Launches New Blog

Perez Hilton announces his new website,, a blog for his
pet-loving fans, notably named after his beloved mini Goldendoddle. Perez
Hilton’s new website,, combines his passion for animals and
celebrity blogging by focusing primarily on stars and their pets with an
entertaining and satirical twist.

Perez Hilton, the internationally known celebrity blogger, has branched out
with yet another new endeavor in the form of a website, not to leave his current
websites, and behind, but as an
additional source for readers and viewers to stay up to date on celebrities and
their pets. The website launched the week of Sept 5th and has already received
positive feedback and star buzz.
“I’m very excited for Teddy to be the ultimate destination for
people to get information on celebrities and their pets, funny animal videos,
activism and much more,” Perez says of his new website. “The response to the
website since I launched it this week has been overwhelmingly positive and I
wasn’t sure what the reaction would be so it’s very exciting. I’m having so much
fun working on it. I hope that people continue to enjoy it, find it, and share
it with their friends.”

According to paidcontent, daily page views had hovered in the 7 million to 10 million range (in 2009) and he has allegedly has been offered at least $20 million dollars to sell the blog.


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