A controversial gas pipeline threatens the entire island of Puerto Rico

Gasoducto/PR Gas Pipeline:
Verde or Muerte?/Green or Deadly?
 A Dialogue With Dr. Arturo Massol
Friday, June 10 | 6:00pm – 9:00pm
 Union Theological Seminary
 3041 Broadway @ 121st Street

A controversial gas pipeline (named Via Verde by the government and Via de la Muerte by everyone else) threatens the entire island of Puerto Rico. 

While opposition to the project is nearly unanimous, the administration of Gov. Luis Fortuno is determined to construct it no matter how many lives and communities are effected or how much permanent damage is done to the natural environment. Already, on May 1st, tens of thousands marched under a torrential downpour to SAY NO TO THE GASODUCTO! Many more have also signed petitions against the project and Congressman Luis Gutierrez has eloquently ripped the proposal in Congress.

During this special forum, we will be joined by Dr. Arturo Massol of Casa Pueblo,the dynamic community organization based in Adjuntas, PR that is leading the effort to get this unnecessary, costly and dangerous project terminated.

This year, the National Puerto Rican Parade is dedicated to the environment and Casa Pueblo has been invited to participate as an honored guest.

We urge you to attend this important information session to hear the latest about this proposed gas pipeline and how it threatens the people of Puerto Rico.

Co-sponsored by (list in formation): Union Theological Seminary, National Congress for Puerto Rican Rights, Labor Council for Latin American Advancement, Cemi Underground, East Harlem Preservation, Virtual Boricua, PIP New York

Consider the following:

** The pipeline route is 146 km long with a potential impact to over 100 meters wide and, would severely impact around 400 agricultural acres.

** It will severely affect the conservation of the of the Rio Grande de Arecibo and Rio Portuguese Watersheds and impact on many rivers including, Rio de la Plata, Río Bayamón, Quebrada Diego, Rio Cibuco, Cano Matos, Perdomo Canal, Rio Grande de Arecibo, Caguana River, River Caguanita, Pellejas River, Rio Corcho, Quebrada Arenas, Río Tallaboa, Tanamá River, Indian River, Rio Grande de Manati and Rio Yunes.

** The pipeline route is comprised of 106 km of the Karst Conservation Zone which supplies more than 25% of the total water demand of the country and directly impacts 223 acres of Special Conservation Zones.

** The presence of sinkholes and unstable terrain located within the pipeline route has some of the highest slopes ranging from sea level on the coast to 3,000 feet above sea level in Adjuntas will be more susceptible to landslides. The “Via Verde” pipeline route crosses two seismic fault lines and then continues towards San Juan, affecting 13 municipalities and 51 communities.

** Although the government says “there is a prudent separation of the pipeline from the communities”; the pipeline will pass along the side of the road that runs in front of the Levittown community in Toa Baja which is home to about 30,071 people; pass through the lands of the University of Puerto Rico in the Town of Utuado, with potential risks to over 22,854 families and students and will be exposed along sections of the Arecibo Utuado PR10 where over 13,104 vehicles transit every day.

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“They are violating all the rules….We need hearings, public participation,” says Rep. Luis Guitierrez (D-IL). “Once you destroy the natural habitat of Puerto Rico, it is not something you can recuperate.”


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