Broadway on a dime (or two)

Welcometo where you can get tickets to a show 20 minutes beforehand for $20! Its a great resource for theater.

Another one is

On the misc. tip:

I will be attending the Webexpo ny 2008. Let me know if you are too!

Web 2.0 Expo New York 2008

– The National Council of La Raza has a revamped website: that spotlights hate in the immigration debate. God don’t like ugly folks!

“In Puerto Rico where you all come from over 85 percent of the people turn out to vote in every single election, and somehow when we move to the mainland we try to keep our language, we try to keep out lechon asado (roast pork) we certainly keep our music, but sometimes we forget the one of the important things about being Puerto Rican is that we register to vote and you turn out to vote in huge numbers. And unfortunately up here on the mainland only twenty or thirty percent of Puerto Ricans register and vote in the elections and that’s like giving away part of being Puerto Rican.” said McClintock.

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