BookSeer: What’s in Your Book Future? is a Pandora for books. The simple webapp asks you which book you read last and then uses Amazon and LibraryThing to suggest what you should read next.

Here are the Top 20 searches so far:

Top 20

The Book Seer | What Is The What- 269 [This is slightly unfair as it is one of the pages linked to by StumbleUpon)
The Book Seer | Twilight – 116
The Book Seer | Harry Potter 74 [Note – Librarything has a lot of problems with this request]
The Book Seer | 1984
The Book Seer | The Road 55
The Book Seer | Neuromancer 52
The Book Seer | Atlas Shrugged 30
The Book Seer | Pride And Prejudice 27
The Book Seer | The Bible 26 [some great left-field recommendations for that]
The Book Seer | Outliers 24
The Book Seer | Enders Game 23
The Book Seer | On The Road 23 [Note the difficulty Amazon has compared to Librarything when no author is entered]
The Book Seer | The Catcher In The Rye 22
The Book Seer | ウェブ進化論 22 [No idea, sorry, but from the recommendations, looks pretty cool]
The Book Seer | Infinite Jest 21
The Book Seer | The Secret History19
The Book Seer | The Stand 19
The Book Seer | American Gods
The Book Seer | The Book Thief 18
The Book Seer | Catcher In The Rye 17


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