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The Hidden Fact: Gerald Martin talk on his Gabriel Garcia Marquez Bio Releases Survey Results

Latina Author Uses Theater Festival to Promote Novel

Author Michael Thomas win $140000 literary prize – * Hunter College Alumni & Faculty

Álex de la Iglesia Puzzles Over “The Oxford Murders”

Books: Down time: ‘The Strain’

Telemundo’s Maria Celeste Arraras on love, kids

Speaking English a Requirement for Motherhood?

ProLibertad and parole

Family Guy – Dominicano

Anthony Bourdain riffs on what’s great about Puerto Rico

Andrew Zimmern samples the food at local markets in Puerto Rico. Watch part one of this two-part podcast

The more things change, the more they stay the same: Ay bendito! Sanford and Sons’ “The Puerto Ricans Are Coming”

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Frida Kahlo As An Iconic Disability Advocate

PBS is once again featuring Frida Kahlo in a new three part documentary series, airing now that seeks to to …

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The Unknown History of the Spanish Inquisition & Witchcraft Trials in Puerto Rico

Spain’s centuries-long witch hunt killed 700 women – in the region. Estimates indicate that roughly 30,000–60,000 people were executed during …

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Justin Torres’ Blackouts

One of my favorite author interviews ever. Right before I departed from my publicity desk Hachette Book Group, I was …

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Valeria Aloe on Her Barrier-Breaking Book “Uncolonized Latinas”

If you are not following Valerie Aloe or have not read her book Uncolonized Latinas: Transforming Our Mindsets And Rising …

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Portuguese Ethnicity in Puerto Rico

According to a chronology, made available by the Library of Congress, in 1593, “Portuguese soldiers, sent from Lisbon by order …

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The Italian at a Glance

Becoming Italian Back in December 2020, I started a new research project on Instagram, @ItalianAtAGlance to curate and share some …

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