The Most Expensive Sweater on Earth

Call me insane, well my version of insane – I’m in lust with a sweater. This is no garden variety sweater, not an Elmo sweater nor a Kanye sweater. No this is a sweater, a cardigan to be exact, that retails at $795.00 US. I kid you not.

The backstory to the problem begins when I spotted a similar sweater on one of the characters in HBO’s True Blood. I fell in love with that sweater. After a short research stint on the net turned up no similar results I let it go for a little while and then…Nordstrom had a sale.

Nordstrom has a fantastic selection of shoes and bags that I have a hard time passing up. So there I was innocently browsing every item when I spotted it: the SoCa St. John Jacquard Knit Wrap Sweater.

It’s beautiful but honestly there is no way that I could ever spend that amount of money on a sweater. That’s more money than I paid for a 4-day trip to the Bahamas! And in this economy who would actually feel good rocking said sweater?

So what’s a chica to do – well, I visit it on the Nordstrom site occasionally, like any normal sweater stalker/shopaholic would do, hoping against hope for a sale or discount. I searched on shopping search engines for another retailer to no avail and finally nothing – just another blog post and another disappointment.


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