Social Media Strategy

With the honor of being selected to be IFF’s first-ever Social Media Strategist and in-house digital communications/marketing expert, I activated and built the company’s social media platforms into an ecosystem of verticals that include Food and Beverage, Beauty and Cosmetic Ingredients, Fragrance and Perfumery, Biotech and Pharmaceuticals.

Despite posting less frequently than competitors, IFF has secured the highest engagement rate in the industry while cultivating a diverse international follower base.


IFF’s LinkedIn strategy yielded impressive results:

  • Grew from 20,000 to 380,000 followers, a 1,800% increase
  • Achieved the highest engagement rate in the industry with above-average click-through-rates
  • Developed a diverse international B2b follower base, with strong representation from key markets in Brazil, India, and the Netherlands
  • Increased brand awareness and solidified thought leadership positioning
  • Consistently drove traffic to company website and careers ATS

In addition, I developed the company’s social media policy, standards for social media requests and designs, playbooks for stakeholders and implemented the company’s employee advocacy program and training.

Key Success Factors

  • Content Quality
  • Global Relevance
  • Executive Involvement:
  • Brand Messaging
  • Engagement-Focused Approach

This case study demonstrates that a strategic approach focusing on content quality, targeted engagement, and global relevance can yield superior results on LinkedIn, even with fewer posts. IFF’s success highlights the importance of understanding and catering to a global audience while maintaining a strong brand identity and fostering genuine engagement.