IFF Website Redesigns Case Study

2015, 2019, 2021 – Creative Director, Project Owner


In February 2021, International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF) unveiled a bold new brand identity following its merger with DuPont’s Nutrition & Biosciences business. This strategic transformation called for another redesign of iff.com to better reflect the company’s new vision, purpose, and brand commitments.


  1. Align the website with IFF’s new brand identity and tagline: “Where science and creativity meet”
  2. Showcase IFF’s leadership in food, beverage, health, biosciences, and scent solutions
  3. Communicate the company’s purpose: “Applying science and creativity for a better world”
  4. Improve user experience and navigation for customers and partners


The redesign strategy focused on:

  • Incorporating visual elements that represent the interplay of science and creativity
  • Highlighting IFF’s four main business divisions: Nourish, Scent, Health & Biosciences, and Pharma Solutions
  • Emphasizing sustainability and innovation throughout the site
  • Streamlining navigation and improving content discoverability

Key Design Elements

  1. Dynamic Homepage: A visually striking homepage featuring a blend of scientific imagery and artistic elements, reinforcing the “Where science and creativity meet” tagline.
  2. Interactive Division Showcase: An engaging section highlighting IFF’s four business divisions, allowing users to explore each area’s unique offerings and innovations.
  3. Innovation Stories: A dedicated space for showcasing IFF’s latest breakthroughs and collaborations, demonstrating the company’s commitment to pushing industry boundaries.
  4. Sustainability Hub: A prominent section highlighting IFF’s sustainability initiatives and progress towards its “Do More Good” commitment.
  5. Customer-Centric Navigation: Intuitive menu structure and search functionality to help visitors quickly find relevant information and solutions.


The redesign process involved:

  1. Collaborative workshops with stakeholders from each division
  2. User research and testing to ensure optimal navigation and content organization
  3. Development of a new visual language that blends scientific precision with creative flair
  4. Integration of multimedia elements, including IFF’s new sound logo, to create a multi-sensory brand experience


The redesigned iff.com successfully:

  • Reinforced IFF’s position as a global leader in essential solutions
  • Improved user engagement and time spent on the site
  • Increased inquiries from potential customers and partners
  • Received positive feedback from employees and industry peers on the site’s visual appeal and ease of use


The iff.com redesign played a crucial role in communicating IFF’s new brand identity and strategic vision. By effectively balancing scientific expertise with creative innovation, the website now serves as a powerful tool for showcasing IFF’s capabilities and attracting new business opportunities.