IFF Sustainability Report: An Immersive Digital Experience

Role: Creative Director, Project Owner


International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF) sought to transform their annual sustainability report into an engaging, interactive digital experience. The goal was to showcase their “Do More Good Plan” and sustainability journey in a way that reflected their brand ethos of “Where science and creativity meet.”


  1. Create an immersive digital experience to present IFF’s sustainability initiatives
  2. Highlight the four pillars of IFF’s Do More Good Plan
  3. Showcase key sustainability metrics and achievements
  4. Engage stakeholders through interactive and visually appealing content
  5. Reinforce IFF’s commitment to innovation and creativity in sustainability

Strategy and Implementation

  1. Interactive Do More Good Plan Explorer: Developed an engaging interface allowing users to explore the four interconnected pillars of IFF’s sustainability strategy through animated infographics and clickable elements.
  2. Sustainability Innovation Showcase: Created a dynamic section highlighting how 91% of IFF’s new innovations have a sustainability value proposition, using interactive product demonstrations and case studies.
  3. Environmental Impact Visualizer: Designed an interactive tool to illustrate how IFF’s solutions enabled customers to avoid approximately 24.6 million tonnes of CO2e emissions in 2023 – 16 times more than IFF’s own Scope 1 and 2 emissions.
  4. Global Initiatives Map: Implemented an interactive world map showcasing IFF’s sustainability initiatives across different regions, including water-saving projects and community engagement efforts.
  5. ESG Materiality Matrix: Created a dynamic, clickable matrix displaying IFF’s 19 material topics across four categories, allowing users to explore each topic in detail.
  6. Employee Stories Section: Developed a series of video testimonials and interactive profiles highlighting employee-led sustainability initiatives and the company’s inclusive workplace culture.

Key Features

  • Parallax scrolling effects to create depth and engagement
  • Animated data visualizations to bring key metrics to life
  • Interactive sliders to compare “before and after” scenarios
  • Micro-interactions and hover effects to encourage exploration
  • Mobile-responsive design for seamless cross-device experience

ResultsThe new experiential sustainability report page on iff.com achieved:

  • 70% increase in time spent on the sustainability section
  • 55% rise in social media shares of sustainability content
  • Positive feedback from stakeholders on the engaging and informative presentation
  • Increased awareness of IFF’s sustainability initiatives among customers and investors


By transforming their sustainability report into an immersive digital experience, IFF successfully showcased their commitment to innovation and creativity in sustainability. The interactive website not only effectively communicated their ESG initiatives but also reinforced their brand identity as a company where science and creativity intersect to create a better world.