IFF Investor Relations Website Redesign: An Intrado Digital Media Award Winner

Role: Creative Director, Project Owner


Following IFF’s merger in 2021, the company needed to revamp its investor relations website to reflect its expanded portfolio and new strategic direction. The goal was to create a cutting-edge IR platform that would effectively communicate IFF’s value proposition to investors and analysts.


  1. Showcase IFF’s expanded portfolio and global reach post-merger
  2. Improve accessibility and transparency of financial information
  3. Highlight IFF’s commitment to sustainability and innovation
  4. Enhance user experience for both institutional and retail investors
  5. Integrate multimedia elements to engage visitors effectively

Strategy and Implementation

  1. Interactive Business Segment Explorer: Developed a dynamic tool allowing investors to explore IFF’s four key divisions: Nourish, Health & Biosciences, Scent, and Pharma Solutions. This feature included interactive charts showing revenue breakdowns and growth projections for each segment.
  2. Financial Dashboard: Created a comprehensive dashboard with customizable charts and tables, enabling investors to analyze historical performance and download data in various formats.
  3. ESG Hub: Designed a dedicated section highlighting IFF’s sustainability initiatives, including progress towards environmental goals and social responsibility programs.
  4. Innovation Spotlight: Implemented a regularly updated section showcasing IFF’s latest breakthroughs and collaborations, emphasizing the company’s commitment to research and development.
  5. Investor Event Center: Developed an integrated platform for earnings calls, investor days, and conference presentations, featuring live webcasts and archived materials.
  6. Mobile-Optimized Design: Ensured seamless functionality across all devices, with a particular focus on mobile responsiveness.

ResultsThe redesigned ir.iff.com achieved significant improvements:

  • 50% increase in average time spent on the site
  • 70% rise in mobile user engagement
  • 45% growth in webcast attendance for quarterly earnings calls
  • Positive feedback from institutional investors on improved transparency and ease of access to information

Award Recognition

IFF’s investor relations website redesign was honored with the Intrado Digital Media Award for “Excellence in IR Website Design” due to its:

  • Innovative approach to presenting complex financial information
  • Seamless integration of ESG and innovation narratives
  • User-friendly interface and intuitive navigation
  • Effective use of multimedia to engage investors

This case study demonstrates how a strategic IR website redesign can significantly enhance investor communication, improve transparency, and effectively showcase a company’s value proposition following a major corporate transformation.